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Heritage Trail Near VOC

Don’t feel like getting on the water, but want to see Fredericksburg and all it has to offer?

Fredericksburg is a bike-friendly town with fascinating history and delicious food. In addition to the paved trail system, which starts right in front of the Virginia Outdoor Center, bicyclists can hit the roads downtown to explore museums, restaurants, parks, and many historical sites. The Rappahannock is never more than a couple of blocks away, so make a stop at Old Mill Park to cool off, or enjoy a picnic by the shore.

Price: $20/day

Rental Time: 8 AM – 5 PM.

Bike Styles: Most of our bikes are single gear beach cruisers, but we do have a couple of geared bikes and kids bikes as well.

A security deposit of $50/bike must be made at time of rental. The deposit can be cash or credit – no checks will be accepted. This deposit will be returned upon drop-off, as long as the bike is returned in the same shape.

Reservations are highly recommended!


  1. Please handle the bikes with care (or it may result in loss of your security deposit)
  2. Lock bikes with provided lock – in case of bike loss, the renter will be charged $100/bike
  3. Wear your helmet
  4. Drop bike off where you picked it up, so we know you are back. Check in with office staff.
  5. If you are on the road, obey traffic laws.
  6. 6 years old is minimum age.
  7. Enjoy yourself!
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