Fishing the Rappahannock River

Single Day and Overnight Fishing Trips (Still Working on)

City Dock to Little Falls

  • 4 miles, takes 3-4 hours of canoeing.
  • Beautiful Scenic Paddle with lots of deep water. 
  • Title section of the river were largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, gar, snakehead, and crappie can be found.

Motts Landing Fishing Trip

  • Paddle upstream return to Motts before 4pm
  • Relaxing and scenic all-day fishing
  • Take your time, fishing and swimming in the river, Small and Largemouth bass. 

Kellys Ford to Motts

  • 25 miles, takes 2-3 days of canoeing.
  • Canoe Camping with Fishing 
  • Scenic overnight paddle with lots of fishing for Small and Largemouth bass.

For Fishing or Flyfishing Supplies & Other Useful Information

Walmart, 11 Village Pkwy, Fredericksburg, Va. offers some fishing equipment. Bass Pro in Ashland offers a wide range of gear and instructions. Virginia Wildlife and Game Fishery has maps and other great information for fishing in our area and more.

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