Special packages designed for boy scout troops and youth groups. Boy Scouts of AmericaThe best time of year to do these trips is from May 1st to June 14th.

The following trips are three day, two night packages with a variety of camping, boating, and tubing options. The packages below are described as weekends to illustrate, but can also happen during the week.

1) $49/person. Paddle trip Saturday, camp out at VOC for 2 nights

2) $59/person. Paddle trip Saturday, a tubing trip on any one of the three days, camp out at VOC for 2 nights.

3) $69/person. Camp on property Friday night. Shuttle Saturday morning for a two-day canoe trip with a night spent on the river, return to VOC on Sunday.

4) $79/person. Includes a canoe trip, tubing trip, and a kayak trip. The group can decide on which days to do the trips.  Camp out at VOC for 2 nights.

Call to book one of these trips or email us for more information.

***The 50-mile canoe trip is a five day trip that the VOC offers for scouts to qualify for the 50 Miler Award. To learn about this and merit badge opportunities, call the VOC.