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White Water Essentials Course

The Whitewater Essentials course has been designed to build a strong foundation of basic skills that will help promote a successful kayaking future. Our instructors are American Canoe Association ( certified and will follow the guidelines of the ACA’s whitewater kayaking instructional program. Our belief and mantra is to focus on safety, period. Kayaking, whether in the ocean, a pristine mountain lake, or a steep creek, involves risk. Recognizing that risk and having the knowledge and skills to reduce it, make your experience that much more enjoyable.

The pre-class reading list includes:

  • Eric Jackson’s White Water Paddling: Stokes and Concepts
  • Walbridge and Sundmacher’s Whitewater Rescue Manuel

COST: $160

A few clouds and a swim can chill a boater quickly. A layer of poly-pro, fleece, or neoprene will help to keep a chilly day from getting unpleasant. If you have any questions about clothes, give us a call.

Everyone should to be comfortable in the water. Clothing is important!

Here is a list of personal items we expect you to have:

  • Bathing suit
  • Water Shoes (Aqua socks or neoprene booties)
  • Nylon Jacket (It will get wet)
  • Polypropylene top and bottoms (needed if the weather is cooler, if in doubt, bring it)
  • Dry change of clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water, lunch and snacks

Intro to Stand Up Paddle Course

On the river, lake, or ocean SUPs are one of the best ways to get outside and experience the water. Our American Canoe Association instructors go over the differences in SUP design, and paddles, launching and landing, paddling positions and board and paddle control. The course is taught on our private lake – a great place to learn with no concern for other users or current.

All technical equipment is provided but the right clothing and comfort items make your time on the boards much more enjoyable.

Course cost: $75.00

Class times: 9am and 1pm

Please bring the following items:

You will be near a vehicle the whole time so feel free to bring a bag with lots of extras.

Rock Climbing Course

Rock Climbing Essentials

Our Rock Climbing Essentials course is designed to introduce the beginner to the fundamentals of rock climbing, using a top rope system. The class takes place outside at a local climbing crag. There you will learn about the necessary gear, its uses and limitations, as well as basic climbing techniques.

Beginning rock climbers will learn how to safely climb with others and acquire the knowledge necessary to avoid dangerous situations.

We meet on River Rd.:
From exit 130 off of I95 – Follow Rt 3 west and take a right at the third light onto Bragg Road (Route 639). Follow Rt. 639 for 0.8 miles and take a left onto River Road (Route 618). Follow River Road (Route 618) for 0.9 miles and cross a small bridge, then see a cattle gate immediately after on the right side. Pull through the open cattle gate and you will meet your instructor there. Call with any direction questions!

Class time is : 8:00am - 4pm

Course cost: $150.00

Equipment List:
1. Comfortable Clothes: Your clothes should be comfortable enough to do a lot of moving in. Pants should be loose; sweats or tights or something that will allow you to step up high. Shorts should have long inseams so that they will stay under your harness. Lose fitting shirts or tank tops should be worn as well. All Clothing Will Get Dirty!

2. Shoes: Your shoes will have an affect on your climbing performance. For climbing, try to pick a pair that fits very tight. Running shoes are bad because they have such a wide foot platform for stability. A pair that has a snug fit and are able to get dirty are the best choice. You may want to bring an extra pair, more hiking boot style, to wear for the approach to the crag.

3. Food: Bring a lunch that you can hike in and eat at the crag, and a minimum of one quart of water – no glass please.

4. Personal Gear: Camera, Lip balm, Sun screen, Insect repellent, Sun glasses, or anything else you may want to have in your pack for a day out.

5. Warm Clothing: We do not teach climbing in the rain, but we do teach in the cool weather, so bring appropriate warm clothes In the event that the climate turns cold.
All climbing equipment is provided.

Beginning in the 1970’s with our American Red Cross canoe training to today’s nationally accredited instructor training program. Our instructors open new worlds of paddling and climbing skill for students. We provide all of the equipment for our classes and enable the student to begin a lifetime of outdoor experiences. Click on a link below or email us for more information. The outdoor world awaits and we can help you get there.
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