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River Safety

Everyone wants to have a good time in the water. Here are some tips to doing it safely while respecting the power of Mother Nature.

Identifying hazards in moving water

What starts out as a leisurely float down the river can turn for the worst when you aren’t paying attention. Understanding the power and movement in the river is key to staying safe.

  • High waters are often clear to see, if you look at the river gauge and only see yellow or red then do not enter the water.
  • Swift, strong currents and uneven riverbeds can be deceiving. Ankle deep waters can still flip you over. Foot entrapment, broken glass, and trash are more common threats to recreationists.
    > Keep your feet at the surface and pointed downstream!
  • Strainers are collections of debris that allow water to flow but not people or boats. Never go underneath or through them. Walk around, or climb over if necessary.
  • Diving or jumping into shallow waters can cause permanent injury, paralysis, or death.
  • Inappropriate dress and irresponsible use of alcohol and drugs pose serious risk to swimmers and boaters. Cold water or a bit of windchill can lead to injury, loss of coordination, and potentially death
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